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Research & Development

Our engineers are ready to carry out a full cycle of works starting from the idea up to developing technological process and assembly of any kind of monitors, TV sets, LED panels.

  • Chain of deliveries development
  • Process Standardization
  • Balance of working hours for production staff to ensure maximum efficiency from production process
  • Restriction of amount of production operations / materials at each working station in order to support production process cycle and make work for production staff easier to fulfill and even more efficient
  • Organization of production works in an unstoppable stream
  • Process Repeatability
  • Control and monitoring of carried-out operations by an operator
  • Efficiency control thanks to standards implemented for single operations
  • Stages of implementation: Assembly, Tests, Packing

Work skills of our production staff is continuously improved:

During the recruitment process: theory and practical classes are conducted in training rooms for the main operations.

During working process: on the production line through mentoring system.

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