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TPV Group electronics (Top Victory Investments Limited) is specializing in development, assemble and consumer care services concerning displays, monitors, LCD TVs and panels.

The TPV’s headquarters are located in Taiwan.

The TPV is the world’s pioneer in monitors manufacturing with world market share equal to 36%.

Since 2007 the company has been actively developing new high-tech TV sets and today takes the top 3rd place in production volumes after LG and Samsung.

TPV has exclusive licenses on manufacturing and sale of TV sets with Philips trademark all over the world.

The plant itself is located in St. Petersburg, in one of the most developed industrial and logistic area – Shushary.

The first shipment of TV set manufactured by TPV Cis Ltd. took place in April, 2011 and in December, 2012 one million TV set was manufactured.

Production index, x1000 units/year

TPV CIS customers: Philips, AOC, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Infomir.

In modern Russian reality the company conforms to all political and economic requirements, such as import substitution and localization of production on the Russian Federation territory.

Along with it the enterprise is completely integrated into global structure of TPV, providing an appropriate customers service level.

The most rigorous standards in the field of quality, ecology and health & safety protection are implemented to TPV CIS. The company adheres to the principle of a sustainable development and realizes its responsibility to consumers on providing production of a high level of quality, and to society on preservation of favorable environment, and to provide safe working conditions as well as protection of health of the personnel.

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