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TPV CIS has organized a full cycle Consumer care center for all Philips TVs with following functions:

  • Organization of a service network on the territory of Eurasian Economic Union
  • Technical support for service centers’ engineers
  • Planning, import, warehousing, distribution and return logistics of spare parts
  • Consulting services by means of «Information center» («hot line»)
  • Full control of logistic and financial document flow (bills, invoices, closing documents,
  • consignment notes, etc.)
  • Verification of guarantee reports and financial mutual settlements

All operations are most formalized and are carried out by means of the Internet portal that allows to keep history of relationship, to minimize human resources and fast feedback.

Consumer care center assumes scaling and adaptation under requirements and specifics of any (Russian or foreign) customer on the electronics market.

In the conditions of purchasing power decrease and drop of sales volumes only a transfer of service business to «outsourcing» will allow the Customer not only optimize human and financial resources (not less than 20%) with the same quality of services, but as well to concentrate the efforts on promoting their trademarks and Consumer Loyalty programs on the Russian market.

Logistics for aftermarket services

  • Spare parts import, direct distribution and reverse flow management in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan (approx. 180 service centers);
  • Strong transportation (parcel delivery) collaborates with one of the widest delivery address networks in the CIS.
  • Logistics budget cost efficiency optimization.

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