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Contract manufacturing

Manufacturing Services

  • The Material supply according to the Customer`s needs
  • Assembly of products according to the developed process and by the technological documentation, developed by the Customer and/or TPV engineers
  • Final product functionality check
  • Accessory completeness check during packing process Product quality check at all stages of process of assembly:
  • Incoming quality control of materials
  • In-process quality control during production processes
  • Final outgoing quality control

SFIS - production processes management software:

  • Full control and monitoring of orders in real-time(online & offline)
  • Control and monitoring of material batches flow during production process
  • Control and monitoring of performance status of fulfilled operations
  • Control and ensuring traceability of product batches including accessories
  • Control and real-time visualization of plan fulfillment progress

Customization of products and their packing process at final stage is possible.

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